University Daily Kansan

Below are links to the articles I have written or contributed to for The University Daily Kansan.

Spring 2017 articles:


Domestic violence/sexual assault/rape investigation/other crime coverage:

Kansas basketball coverage:

Kansas football coverage:

Other breaking news and coverage:

Special section content:

“Retired Jerseys” (PDF Edition)(Digital Edition)


Storify Compilations:

2015: Kansas Volleyball

2015: Kansas Swimming and Diving

Fall 2015: Other Coverage

Spring 2015: Special Sections:

       Graduation/Finals Guide (Scribd Edition)

       Top of the Hill (Scribd Edition)

        KU 150 (Scribd Edition)

        April Fool’s Day (Scribd Edition)

        Day in the Life (Scribd Edition)

        60 Years of Allen Fieldhouse (Scribd Edition)

Yes, No, Maybe? (Scribd Edition)

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