Top Seven, Eleven of ’15

As I’m loaded on liquid painkillers impatiently waiting for the sores in my throat to heal, I’m, like many people right now, reflecting on how fast 2015 flew by. I could write an entire book on my life and everything that happened in 2015. In the future, I’ll probably do something like that, but for now, I’ll spare you. For now, I’ll do a couple listicles.

The first one, about my life in general.

I feel that my most liked pictures on Instagram highlighted the overarching themes of my year.

  • My wonderful roommate Robert baked chocolate chip cookies for James and I, who were having ridiculously stressful semesters. He left a note: “You seem stressed. Have a cookie (or two).”
  • My mom and I took a photo together at Santa Anita Park in Santa Anita, Calif. On Oct. 24. We were in California celebrating my winning of the Jim Murray Memorial Award. She was diagnosed with breast cancer four days later.
  • I was accepted into the International Journalism study abroad program in Stirling, Scotland.
  • I snapped a photo of the historic Balmoral Hotel in the city centre of Edinburgh, Scotland through the window of our hostel. There was real no particular reason for it… I just thought the view was stunning.
  • My most liked photo on Instagram was an #artsy (not really) photo of an In-N-Out Burger and animal fries.
  • I ran from end zone to end zone at the Rose Bowl. In jeans.
  • I found out who my amazing little is. I love her with all of my heart.
  • I moved into a new place.
  • I hiked up a mini-mountain in Scotland… not quite a hill, not quite a mountain… and an accidental, super stereotypical photo was taken. I’m so not mad about it.

The overarching theme for those things? 2015 had lots of stress. 2015 had lots of love. I traveled over 15,000 miles in 2015. I ate tons of food in 2015. I made so many new friends in 2015. And there were lots of changes in 2015. Would I change that for the world? Not a chance.

Listicle two? My top seven of ’15:

I’ve written over 200 articles in 2015(!), but here are my seven favorites from the year.

  1. Cliff Cushman: a Jayhawk, an Olympian and an MIA veteran
  2. For Tiana Dockery, a volleyball career built on honoring a best friend’s memory
  3. Retired radio announcer Max Falkenstien reflects on the history of Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas basketball
  4. Dalton State (Ga.) College wins NAIA DI Championship
  5. Kansas forward Perry Ellis takes long path to 1,000 points
  6. The Rally: how Kansas volleyball survived 5 set points and advanced to the Sweet 16
  7. Stanford beats Clemson 4-0 in NCAA men’s soccer final

Listicle three? My other favorite pieces of sports journalism from 2015:

Student Journalism:

Professional Journalism:




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