Crash and burn (Day 3)

Going into my training, I thought that swimming would be my easiest third of my workouts. Man, was I wrong. I hopped in the water and I could barely finish a 50. It was hard to admit that I am very much so out of swim shape.

By the end of my workout, the longest I went without stopping was 150 yards. Considering I used to be a 400 yard IMer and 200 yard butterflyer, I have a long way to go. I’m still proud of myself that I racked up 1000 yards in 35 minutes.

After my workout, I went to Scheels and started looking at bikes. I really enjoyed one that I saw on paper, but I wanted to get on one, and Scheels didn’t have my size. (I’m apparently short. This is news to me.)

I went to a local bike shop, where they had one in my size. I went for a test ride. Only, unknowing to me at the time, the brakes were not properly functioning. I found that out as I was cruising toward a dumpster and the rear brake locked up.

I hit my head and right arm on the dumpster, resulting in a minor laceration and bruise on my arm, sustained some gnarly road rash on my left leg, along with taking off some skin on my knee, and opening up two areas on my right knee. The bike was fine though. I’ll be fine. I’m just banged up.



(If blood makes you queasy, I suggest not scrolling down much farther.)

My right arm and the least of my injuries.
My right arm and the least of my injuries.
My left leg.
My left leg.
My right leg.
My right leg.


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