Amie takes Scotland

Y’all have seen me yammer on about my trip to Scotland for months now. It’s about time I give y’all some details.

I am taking two classes (International Journalism and British Journalism) at the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland. Two? Yes. I’ll be over in the UK for four weeks. With my amazing internship with the Associated Press, I just can’t fathom studying abroad for an entire semester or year.

Stirling University This is the University of Stirling, where I’ll be studying for four weeks.

During a normal academic year, there are over 11,000 students that attend the University, and it’s ranked in the top 5 percent of universities in the world. I could rattle on about the awards and prestige that the University has, but I’ll spare you those details.

I’m enrolled in the International Summer School program the University puts on every year. There are eight of us KU students that are going, along with one of the KU professors. I have my classes Monday through Wednesday, class excursions on the first three Thursday’s I’m there, and then one class excursion on a Friday.

I fly out of the states on June 12. If you want to creep on my flights, I’m flying from Omaha to Newark and then Newark to Edinburgh. I fly back July 11.

Here is a tentative schedule of what I have planned for while I’m over there.

Week 1: Saturday, 13 June- Sunday, 21 June

  • 13 June- Arrive in Scotland
  • 14 June- Attend info sessions
  • 15-17 June- Classes
  • 18 June- Day trip to Edinburgh
  • 19-21 June- Personal trip to Birmingham, England

Week 2: Monday, 22 June- Sunday, 28 June

  • 22-24 June- Classes
  • 25 June- Day trip to St. Andrews
  • 26 June- Journalism class excursion, Destination TBA
  • 26-28 June- Personal trip to Dublin, Ireland

Week 3: Monday, 29 June- Sunday, 5 July

  • 29 June- 1 July- Classes
  • 2 July- Day trip to Glascow
  • 3-5 July- Personal trip to the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Week 4: Monday, 6 July- Saturday, 11 July

  • 6-8 July- Classes
  • 11 July- Return to United States

I’m extremely excited for this opportunity. I cannot wait to get over there and share my experiences with y’all. Prepare for a plethora of photos. Opportunities like this don’t come very often and I’m thrilled that I get to take this chance to study abroad now.

Unfortunately, traveling isn’t cheap, especially when you’re taking classes. I’ve set up a GoFundMe so my friends and family can help lift some of the financial burden of this experience. Anyone who knows me knows that I really don’t like asking for help. I’m the type of person who wants to do things by myself and not ask for assistance. I realize that this is one of those things where you need to ask for help. Being a full-time student is hard enough. Many of you have been there, you know this. With the job that I have (and I love oh so much), there really isn’t anything for me to do once basketball season is over, so being financially independent and trying to swing this on my own is really difficult. On top of that, no place wants to hire a college student for a summer job when she’s going to be gone for four weeks, then move two weeks later when she gets back.

To those who have already donated, I really appreciate it. Even though I’m a journalism major and an English minor, I can’t find the proper words of gratitude. To those thinking about it, I also appreciate the consideration. I know money doesn’t grow on trees and even you thinking about donating to my trip means a lot. I’m overall very thankful for everyone who has supported me through my almost 21 years. Having a vast support system is something I truly cherish.

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