More changes for Kansas football as they prepare for Oklahoma

Originally posted on Rock Chalk Blog, October 16th, 2013

“I will do anything to give us a better chance of winning, besides cheating. Cheating I will not do,” said Weis in his weekly presser on Tuesday.

If you thought the changes last week were large, think again. There’s even more changes this week, on and off the field. Why? No one “played wonderfully” against TCU, Weis admitted.

One of the biggest changes for the KU team are the amount the day-to-day players.

  • Tony Pierson

Remember, Pierson had took a hard hit with his shoulder on the ground in the game against Texas Tech. Weis said today that Pierson has passed all his concussion tests, however, he still has headaches.

The following players remain day-to-day:

  • Ben Heeney
  • Trent Smiley
  • Andrew Turzilli
  • Tedarian Johnson

The other biggest change for the KU team is a staff shakeup. On the defensive side of the ball, Dave Campo is overseeing the defense with Clint Bowen acting as coordinator. There are changes on the offensive side of the ball as well. Quarterbacks coach Ron Powlus is heading up the passing game, with tight ends coach Jeff Blasko is overseeing the run game. Weis is going to watch over the entire offensive side of the ball.

Weis mentioned that Powlus will still run the quarterback meetings. Weis also believes that the offense goes through the quarterback. No one knows better about that than the quarterback himself. That was the staff’s reasoning behind giving Powlus the role of controlling the passing game. He has spent the season up in the box and according to Weis, he will stay up there.

Are these changes permanent? Weis says so. Why? “I’m doing it because I think Kansas needs it. I don’t care about my ego,” he elaborated. “…You can sit there and blame the players all you want, but our job is to figure out how to make it better.”

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